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The Chevron B4 Discovered

Researching the History of the Chevron GT

The following is an account of my research, and the evidence that has led me to the identity and history of my Chevron GT. It is human nature to make facts fit theory when you are trying to achieve a particular outcome, but I hope that you will see that I have tried wherever possible to resist this temptation and that I have remained as objective as possible in my conclusions. Readers should appreciate that the following information has been gathered over a period of 30 years and that in the interests of brevity it represents only a fraction of information that has come to light.

A Restoration Project Bought - and Delayed

It was in the summer of 1972 that I first became aware of the Chevron marque. My brother had just purchased a blue and white Chevron GT, fitted with a two litre BMW engine, from D&A Shells and Chassis of Stratford, London , with the idea of converting it to road use. It had been sold as a Chevron B8 but as you will see below, later research showed that it was originally an earlier model.

Unfortunately I didn't pay a great deal of attention to the car at the time, other than to take a few photographs, and my brother spent the rest of the summer dismantling it and making modifications [photographs 1-5].

My brother and I were both young automotive engineers working for Vauxhall Motors and although we both had an interest in motor sport, my knowledge of individual manufacturers and their cars was sketchy and I had not heard of Chevron at this time.

It had been sold as a Chevron B8

The dismantled car was put into storage over the winter with the intention of completing the project the following summer.

In the meantime, my brother had been offered a scholarship with General Motors in America , which meant spending the following year in Detroit, and his plans for the Chevron were postponed. During his time at GM he was offered a permanent job in America developing engines for Buick and he ultimately decided to take up permanent residence. By 1980 the Chevron, which was still dismantled, was to be sold, but I persuaded him to leave it with me with the intention of restoring it to its original form. I had already built a couple of modified road cars from parts so I felt that this would be an interesting project. We agreed a deal and I became the owner of a space frame, a set of body panels and numerous boxes of parts.