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Chevron B4 Owner's Site

The Chevron B4 Discovered

Moving houses and other projects meant that the Chevron remained neglected for a few more years. The only work done was to further dismantle it back to a bare frame and to remove some of the damaged and rusty panels [photographs 6 and 7].

Beginning to Research the Car

My knowledge of the Chevron marque and this particular model was negligible, and the absence of any constructional information or drawings prompted me to decide that the best way to ascertain information regarding the reconstruction of the car was to photograph another Chevron B8.

I think it was in 1986 that I went to Silverstone to see a round of the HSCC 2-litre championship and in the paddock came across Richard Dodkins and his silver B8 - or was it a B6? At that time I didn't know there was a difference. Richard was busily preparing the car for the race and I took photographs of as many of the constructional details as I could.

it soon became obvious that the rebuild was not going to be as straightforward as I had thought

Studying the results of my efforts, it soon became obvious that the rebuild was not going to be as straightforward as I had thought. There were a number of deviations in construction between my car and Richard's. The frame design was similar, but some of the metalwork was subtly different in shape or location.

Some of the differences were clearly a result of modifications and improvements made to Richard's car over years of racing, but others could not be so easily explained - such as the bulge which had been fabricated in the rear bulkhead on my car to provide clearance for the water pump pulley on the front of the BMW engine. Also, my car was fitted with an extra fuel tank in the front and it had orange and green signalling lights attached to either side of the roof. These details would not normally be regarded as of great significance, but later helped with the identification of the car during extensive research of contemporary photographs of race events shown in magazines of the 1960s and 1970s.