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The Chevron B4 Discovered

A Meeting with Roy Johnson

After pursuing a number of dead ends, I finally managed to contact Roy who by sheer coincidence lived a mere 15 miles away. I arranged a meeting and the following is a summary of the information that I obtained:

  • Roy said that it was the factory car and that Brian Classick had driven it as the works driver at the time.
  • He originally bought it from Chevron as a B6 in 1968. He later sent it back to Chevron to have the body work upgraded to B8 style.
  • Roy confirmed that it was the car that raced at Daytona in the Red white and blue Valvoline livery and that he kept this colour scheme whilst it was in his possession.
  • Roy owned the car for around two years whilst he travelled around various European race meetings and hill climb events. He remembered the nose section being badly damaged in an 'off' in the Black Forest [see photograph].
  • He confirmed his participation in a number of European events including Spa 1000km, Nurburgring 1000km and Portugal.
  • He had fitted the additional long range tank in the front and had added the roof lights. Roy was able to identify numerous other unique features on my car that supported the B4 origins.
  • Roy recognised the chassis plate which had been supplied blank by Chevron and that he had marked it with chassis number CH-DBE-28.
  • He remembered selling the car in 1970 to an Irishman who he thinks was Gerry Cruise. It was sold for cash when the Bank of Ireland was on strike and arrangements were made for it to be shipped to Ireland. It was impounded in Dublin Castle for six months due to errors in the import documentation. Roy had to go to Ireland to prove ownership, export it and then re-import it with the corrected documentation.
  • He stated that he drove it once at Mondello Park but Gerry never drove the car. Although Roy had lost all the records of his races, he had a number of photographs of the car at some of these events that he allowed me to copy and are shown in the Gallery section of this site.